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Strategist Geoff London - making strategy really work!

I can assist organsations in making their strategic plans, and their implementation, more effective, because of:


1.      My 3 decades of experience as general management responsible for the corporate and marketing strategy of three insurance companies and of an unsecured personal loans company that grew from a zero base to the major player in the market


2. Consulting and co-ordinating the half-yearly and quarterly statistics of the life insurance industry in South Africa for more than a decade (via ASISA, the industry body), as well as other industry surveys


3.      Playing a key role in setting up, from scratch, a linked insurance company and an unsecured personal loans business


4.    A very broad experience in the life insurance, short term insurance & unsecured personal loans industries – pioneering new products from development, PR, marketing and sales to administration and claims


5.     Experience in all distribution channels (broker, agent, direct, affinity group, technology, etc.)


6.   Experience in new markets such as microinsurance, etc., and


7.      An actuary’s understanding of insurance.


If required, I can also support this with appropriate inspirational speeches that bring the strategy to life.


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