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Inspirational Speaker Geoff London - bringing strategy to life!

"There are many motivational speakers who deliver stimulating speeches about general issues, but not that many inspirational speakers who focus on bringing the corporate mission and strategy to life.  I do the latter.

I specialise in delivering inspiring speeches to staff and executives that aim to get them excited about the mission and corporate/ marketing strategy to the degree that they are inspired to achieve these goals."

Besides being an experienced actuary with strategic skills and a very broad industry experience, I am also an effective inspirational speaker particularly in the financial services industry, based on

  • My 30 years of membership on Toastmasters International
  • Having achieved the status of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest level in Toastmasters International
  • The many speeches I have delivered to appreciative audiences
  • My strategic skills and understanding of the differing viewpoints of all the participants in the insurance industry.

Geoff London inspirational speaker

Geoff London can assist with the strategic plan 

Some tips to improve your public speaking skills
  • repeat your message a few times rather than give too much information
  • pause and change the pace of delivery several times
  • include examples and anecdotes
  • visit a Toastmasters club - for more info, see
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