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Making Marketing Strategy and Sales more effective

"As a marketing and product development actuary with two decades of being responsible for all the marketing of 3 different insurance companies, followed by more than a decade of experience in marketing and selling products as a registered Financial Services Provider for my own account, I bring a unique, well-balanced perspective to helping organisations make their marketing of financial services products more effective and more profitable."


In particular, I can assist in


  • making the sales and marketing operations highly aligned with strong agreement on target profiles and actionable issues, under the overall marketing plan
  • identifying market needs and supporting brokers, agents and corporate clients with targeted, innovative, unique niche products that both satisfy these needs and are very profitable
  • optimising direct marketing profit through the practical application of statistical methods, testing strategies, credit bureau scoring and other segmentation methods to improve response, conversion ands persistency rates - recognising that there is a real mathematics of direct marketing that can be applied to dramatically improve profits 

  • understanding the less well known distribution channels, such as voluntary group selling, networking, websites, retailers, bankassurance, etc. and making these more profitable, where applicable


  • developing and marketing unique low cost insurance products (Microinsurance and/or product enhancements and add-on’s) to schemes and individuals in niche markets

  • marketing across different industries such as life insurance, short term insurance and banking (unsecured personal loans) 

  • also improving persistency (which has a major impact on marketing and sales results) through scoring, direct marketing and profiling.

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"While a few actuaries may also be FSPs, I am probably unique in having also run my own direct marketing campaign to promote pension fund trustee insurance and CD-ROM based training modules to pension fund trustees, supported by advertisements and media articles a few years ago."

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